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DON'T- Ask your friends to bulk invite all of their friends to LIKE your page.

We know it has been a tricky time in recent months and we may have all felt a bit lost at sea (and some still do) just trying to find things that will keep us and our businesses going. It’s totally understandable BUT...

❌PLEASE do not ask your friends to invite ALL of their friend list to like your Facebook Page. There is a copy and paste status going round in which people are asking their friends to do this. It could do ALOT more damage long term than you think: 😵

📊1) Numbers are in most cases, vanity (unless there is a targeted growth plan that is building those numbers), it matters WHO likes your Page, not how many. 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️

📉2) It WILL affect your reach if you have lots of people who like your Page but never actually engage. Facebook will judge your content as ‘NOT VALUABLE’ and downgrade you, showing it and your future content to fewer people.

🗑3) It will ruin your ability to run successful Facebook ad campaigns to people who like your Page (or custom/lookalike audiences) because the data those audiences are based upon is not a true representation of who is genuinely interested in your page. = the cost will go up too!💰

If you want to build your business page audience, try this:

✅Share with your friends on Facebook what you do and who you help, and then ask them to invite anyone specifically they think may be interested in your product or services.❤️

✅Create awesome and relevant content which strikes a chord with your potential customer🙌🏼

Peace & Love from Soul Motion ❤️🙏

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