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Screenshot of Jurassic Coast, Dorset from Social Media Video for Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Tourism's 'Take It In' StayHomeSaveLives Campaign


TAKE IT IN. #StayHomeSaveLives Campaign

for Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Tourism

April 2020

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Screenshot of Bronwsea Island, Poole Harbour from Social Media Video for Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Tourism's 'Take It In' StayHomeSaveLives Campaign

Adapt. Re-Engage. Amplify 



The effect that the COVID-19 pandemic had on all forms of lifestyle, personal and work were huge.


By the 23rd March, many nations of the world had imposed various levels of national lockdown including the UK.


This presented the tourism industry with an 'unprecedented' dilemma, particularly for tourist boards/destination management organisations, who's main directive; to entice people to visit their respective destinations, became the complete antithesis of what was needed with a global pandemic about to encapsulate the world overnight.  

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Produce and deliver optimised social media campaign with social content to amplify the #StayHomeSaveLives public health message to a visitor audience.

'Knowing your audience and what they engage with is key.'



With concerns raised by various local authorities/agencies (police etc) that with the predicted warmer weather due for Easter Weekend and going into May, residents and potential visitors would head to Dorset and BCP area for their (then) one hour of daily exercise, whilst the lockdown continued. 


The role as the voice of the BCP Tourism Board was to elevate and amplify the ‘stay home, saves lives’ message to re-engage the target audiences.


Using inspirational imagery to grab the target audience’s attention and deliver this important underlying message to Take It In - #StayHomeSaveLives - not to visit right now and #ComeBackLater, but still maintaining the Destination’s brand identity, visibility, brand reputation but upholding it's moral and statutory responsibility to protect the public from harm, with the situation being a national/global public health emergency. 

Full social media management/FB Ad Delivery required.

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Launching on 9th April 2020, this campaign proved extremely successful, reaching over 1.9 Million People over a 4-week period with lots of positive reception and feedback.



TOTAL 'Take It In' stat across all social channels:



   REACH:                    1,923,457

VIDEO VIEWS:        329,354

ENGAGEMENT:      252,808

Screenshot of Old Harry Rocks from Social Media Video for Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Tourism's 'Take It In' StayHomeSaveLives Campaign
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This ranged from feature video, to topic-specific short videos and image posts with specific crafted messaging. 

Executive Art Direction/Agency: Soul Motion
Produced by: BCP Tourism in partnership
with Soul Motion & Brady Gee Visuals.

Copywriting: BCP Tourism(Lauren Howard)/Soul Motion 
Editing: Brady Gee Visuals / Soul Motion
Narrator: James Williams

Creative Included:

  • A Feature Campaign Video

  • Short Form 15-30 sec videos in 5:4, 16:9 and square formats.

  • IG Story Content supporting the main messaging and also addressing more targeted topic areas, such as messaging around 'non-essential travel' and 'not staying in second homes'.

  • Imagery Content with appropriate supporting messaging relating to the 'Take It In. #StayHomeSaveLives' campaign.



IG Story 1

Not In Second Homes IG Story

Non-Essential Travel

IG Story


IG Story 2

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